Gravel driveways have many advantages over driveways made from other materials. For one thing gravel is relatively inexpensive. For another thing, gravel is quite durable and can last many years if properly maintained. Next, having a driveway made from gravel can be very aesthetically pleasing. You can easily contrast or match the exterior of your home depending on the color of the gravel in your driveway. Finally, gravel driveways are relatively easy and quick to install. All these reasons and more are why many people choose gravel for their driveway material. But how difficult is it to maintain a gravel driveway? Here are some tips for maintaining the gravel in your driveway.

Buy the correct size gravel: The optimum size for driveway gravel is about ¼”. This is about the size of a pea. Finally, use pieces that have sharp edges as larger blunt pieces can cause pits, ruts, or potholes

Properly grade your driveway: When grading your driveway you should pack the gravel in a way that ensures that your driveway is level and has a proper base. This is absolutely critical in maintaining a gravel driveway. Our driveway drag graders are tough, sturdy and designed to handle large and small jobs alike. They help loosen hard packed gravel and help keep potholes from forming.

Watch for drainage problems: If you have ruts or washouts in your driveway resolve the problem by adding more gravel in order to make your driveway higher than the surrounding areas or install a culvert or ditch to pull excess water away from the gravel. In either case, having a high quality gravel driveway grader is a necessity.

Watch for snow plow damage: Using a snowplow at some point during the approaching winter is evitable for most homeowners. Unfortunately, snowplows can quickly and rather significantly damage gravel driveways. In order to mitigate the damage done to your driveway by snowplowing, make sure that you replace the gravel that is pushed outward by your plow back to the center of your drive.

Stay on top of potholes: The best strategy for combating potholes that form in your gravel driveway is to refill the holes quickly and to compact each layer tightly before adding another. You may have to remove large sections of gravel depending on the size of the pothole before accomplishing this.

Finally, gravel driveways are not without their challenges but many homeowners consider the pluses to outweigh the minuses. The important thing to remember is that with proper maintenance a gravel driveway can be a beautiful addition to your property that will last for a lifetime and be well worth the effort you put into it.handozer blog