Well, it’s been an exciting year in baseball capped off by the Chicago Cubs first trip to the World Series in 71 years. All over the country, both little league and major league maintenance crews are spreading the big tarp over fields to protect them in anticipation of winter’s icy grip. At Handover Distributing, we know that creating and maintaining an optimum playing surface is not just about proper infield grooming and dragging. We know that it is more than simply using the sturdiest infield groomer which our company provides in its 42” wide Handozer D3.5 MG. It is also about choosing and properly laying out a tarp to protect your field for those months when it will not be in use.

There are basically five types of protection for your baseball field that you can use. They are:

  • Field Covers
  • Mound Covers
  • Wind Weighted Spot Covers
  • Turf Growth Blankets
  • Fence Screens

Baseball field covers are designed to cover and protect the entire field and are used by nearly all major league, college and minor league teams. They come in a wide variety of materials and colors and are designed to fit each ballpark’s specific dimensions. In addition, they are built in order to be installed or removed with minimal effort on the ground crew’s part. Often times, these tarps will have materials that make them waterproof, UV resistant and heat reflective. Mound and plate covers specifically protect these parts of the field from the elements. They reduce maintenance costs and keep the clay dry. Standard dimensions for mound covers include: 10ft by 10ft for base covers, either 26ft or 30ft for home plate covers, and 20ft for the pitching mound.

Wind weighted spot covers protect against high winds that can erode the surface of your field. The perimeter of these covers often contains a galvanized steel chain sewn in for the added weigh. Turf growth blankets are specifically designed to help accelerate the greenhouse effect on fields with natural turf. In other words, it helps retain moisture and heat so that seeds are able to germinate and your field maintains a healthy green surface. Finally, windscreens go on the outside of the field in order to enhance privacy and to cut down on wind shear both of which can detract from the game.

Yes, a playable field is one that is properly cared for all year round even when it is not in use. These covers help extend the life of your field and enhance the game for everyone.

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