“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love…”Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Spring has returned and just as is always the case, it is a time of renewal and rebirth. However, as we welcome the warmer weather, sunnier days and blossoming flowers, there is one part of spring that most people dread – potholes. For not only are potholes unsightly, they also produce a hazard for motorists and pedestrians alike. They are particularly troublesome for people who own a driveway. This is why many people refer to spring as “pothole season.” This is also is why spring is the time when many homeowners inspect and repair the damage done to their driveway in the aftermath of winter.gravel-driveway


How Potholes are formed


Potholes in the spring form as a result of snow or rain that has seeped into the soil below the surface of the earth. As this moisture freezes temperatures drop. As temperatures continue to rise, the ground returns to normal but the pavement does not. This creates a gap between the pavement and the ground below it. As your car travels over the surface of your driveway the ground (asphalt) falls and leaves potholes. This can significantly affect your driveway grade and require the use of a gravel driveway leveler to correct the damage. A driveway drag grader can make a damaged driveway safe and drivable.


Reasons You Should Repair Driveway Potholes


The temptation may be great for some people to put off repairs on their driveway especially if the damage does not seem to be extensive. This can be an unwise strategy. At Handover Distributing we recommend that homeowners correct the problem immediately for the following reasons:

  • To reduce long-term repair costs: One pothole can lead to another and often does. Address your pothole problem early before it becomes larger and more expensive to repair.
  • To prevent further damage: Potholes never shrink in size. They only grow. By addressing the problem of small pothole early you will be minimizing the chance that pothole will grow to become an enormous problem.
  • To improve curb appeal: Potholes are unsightly and decrease the curb appeal of your entire home and the neighborhood surrounding it.
  • To improve safety: Potholes increase potential trip and fall accidents for homeowners and their families/guests.
  • To protect your vehicle: Potholes can damage your tires, suspension, etc.

Finally, why mar the beauty of the season by putting off driveway repairs? Potholes are a part of spring but they do not have to be a growing problem for you and your family. Check out our sturdy, American-made pull behind driveway graders and make your driveway match the beauty of the season.